Trackability of orders

Customers find it important to track their orders. Read more about the service standard 'trackability' on this page.

General information

Our customers find it important to track their order and have an expected arrival date. This is why a track & trace code is necessary. Adding a track & trace code also contributes to fewer customer queries and higher customer ratings. Therefore, always add a (correct) track & trace code to your parcels. 

For letter post, a track & trace number is not mandatory, but customers do prefer having it.

When to not use a track & trace code

If you don’t send many traceable parcels, then this will negatively impact your performance score. If you do send a lot of parcels which can be traced, it will benefit your performance score and therefore your opportunity to win the buy box. Read more about the performance score. 

Tips for improvement

Once you have entered a track & trace number in the system, you cannot change it, not even if you have accidentally chosen the wrong shipping label. Make sure to have the correct number to hand. 

Read more tips on track & trace numbers.

Frequently asked questions

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