General information

Customer opinion is important. For customers, the rating is an indicator of a partner’s quality and they take it into account when considering a purchase. With a good rating, customers are more likely to buy an item from you. In your seller account, you can see your average ratings. You will also find tips and advice on how to maintain and, if necessary, improve your rating. 

For a good performance on the service standard ‘Rating grade’, we use an 8 as a lower limit. If you have an 8 or higher as an average over the past 3 months, then customers are really satisfied. 

It is not allowed to ask the customer to give a (re)rating in exchange for a quid pro quo – for example, a free item or discount. This is seen as bribery and is not acceptable for that reason. We deduct policy points for this.

What if you fail to meet this standard

If your average is lower than an 8, this is a signal that you need to improve your service. You will not receive a strike for this, but your assessment grade will count towards your performance score. Read here more about the performance score.

Tips to improve

Frequently asked questions

about the assesment grade

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Customer review

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Responding to negative assessment grade

Did you get a negative rating from a customer? Here's what you can do.

Policy points

Through our policy point system, we keep a close eye on all policy violations and take action when necessary. Wondering how exactly this works?