Inappropriate communication

Inappropriate communication is one of the categories of policy violations that we monitor for. Inappropriate communication includes any behaviour that deliberately interferes with communication, as well as inappropriate communication toward customers and/or employees. On this page you can read what this includes.

Inappropriate language

For example, what is not allowed:

  • Inappropriate language, such as swearing or threatening, toward customers.
  • Inappropriate language, such as swearing or threatening, towards employees.


For example, what is not allowed:

  • Offering a customer a solution on the condition that the customer posts or changes a review.

What is allowed:

  • Alert a customer to the possibility of leaving a review on, without directing the level and content of this review.
  • After solving the problem (without compensation), ask the customer to revise the review, without directing the level and content of this review.


For example, what is not allowed:

  • Sending an e-mail or postal mail to customers when it is not necessary for processing an order. For example, a newsletter or flyer with new assortment or reduced prices.
  • A review request of any kind in a separate e-mail.

What is allowed:

  • Sending a customer an automated (VAT) invoice by uploading it via the ‘factuuraanvragen’ (invoice requests) tab or the Retailer API.
  • A request for a fair item review on (literally mention fair review in the e-mail), provided this request does not result in an additional e-mail to the customer.


For example, what is not allowed:

  • Not responding when a customer creates a case.
  • Not responding when tries to contact you.
  • Providing incorrect contact information to or customers.

Good to know: if you have multiple seller accounts, we have the authority to deduct the relevant number of points from all your accounts associated with the same Chamber of Commerce number if you have a policy violation of ‘Inappropriate communication’.

Learn more about policy points and other categories of policy violations here.

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