Customer questions

Customer questions has a dynamic standard. Read more about how this is calculated.

General information

To provide customers with the best possible service, it is important to inform them as fully as possible – for instance on product features, or on the status of their order. This way, customer queries can be avoided. Do you still get questions? Then we monitor the number of customer queries as a service standard. For the number of customer queries, a personal dynamic norm is used on the total number of orders. This information is based on the items you have sold and can be found on the ‘Prestaties‘ page (performance) in the seller account. 

The expected percentage of customer enquiries based on your sales is your personal ‘dynamic norm’. If you exceed this norm, you will receive an e-mail from us so you can make adjustments. At the moment, this service norm does not yet count when calculating your performance score. 

Customer questions during the GroeiStart period

The percentage of customer questions is one of the service standards on which you will be assessed during the GroeiStart period. For this, as explained above, we look at your personal ‘dynamic norm’. This norm depends on the product groups you sell in. How exactly this works is explained with the calculation example below.

In addition to a personal dynamic norm, we also apply a minimum number of 3 customer queries per phase in the GroeiStart period and a maximum personal dynamic norm of 15%.

Calculating your own expected personal dynamic norm? You can! Once a month you will find the norms per product group on this page.

* Last updated: 3rd of July 2023

If you fail to meet this standard

Currently, we use this service norm only in the GroeiStart period. The expected percentage of customer inquiries based on your sales, is your personal ‘dynamic norm’. If you exceed this norm after 100 orders, your GroeiStart period will be extended and we will look at another 100 orders with you. Learn more about the GroeiStart period here.

Tips to improve

  • Analyse which customer questions could have been avoided and determine how you can overcome these questions in your provision of information to subsequent customers.

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