Unwanted assortment

One of the categories of policy violations we monitor is unwanted assortment. By this we mean offerings that are not suitable for sale through bol.com. Want to know exactly what this includes? You can read about it on this page.

Selling an unsuitable item

For example, what is not allowed:

  • Selling an item that is unsuitable for the bol.com platform. Check this page for the current assortment policy.
  • Refurbished items.
  • Selling margin goods or used items without authorisation.
  • Selling an item without the proper selling rights.
  • Selling items that do not fit into any product category.

Digital delivery or delivery without retail packaging

For example, what is not allowed:

  • Deliver software licenses digitally.
  • Ship items without retail packaging.

Dangerous or harmful products

For example, what is not allowed:

  • Selling items that are demonstrably harmful to a customer or the environment.
  • Seling items listed on the European Safety Gate list.

Bypassing the authorisation process

For example, what is not allowed:

  • Deliberately put items in the wrong category to bypass the authorisation process.

Good to know: for a policy violation ‘Unwanted assortment’, we deduct the corresponding number of points only from the seller account committing the violation. Any other seller accounts, linked to the same Chamber of Commerce number, retain the point total and do not receive a deduction in policy points.

More information on policy points and other categories of policy violations can be found here.

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