Prohibited offer

'Prohibited offer' is one of the categories of policy violations that we monitor. It includes all assortment that does not comply with the applicable laws and regulations in the Netherlands and Belgium. Read more about it on this page.

Offering legally prohibited items

What is not allowed, for example:

  • Putting an item on bol that it is prohibited by law to sell.
  • Selling medical masks and Corona self-tests.
  • Selling items that are only suitable for professional purposes.
  • Selling items that can only be purchased if the buyer has certain certifications.
  • Sell receivers or digital systems that can bypass subscription systems through software modification (e.g., modified media boxes or satellite receivers).

Failure to meet regulatory requirements

What is not allowed, for example:

  • Selling items missing a CE marking in a category where it is mandatory.
  • Selling items on which a mandatory mark or warning is missing.
  • Displaying a label or marking on the packaging, when you do not have the correct documents such as a Declaration of Conformity/ EU Declaration of Conformity.
  • Incorrectly fill in attributes in product information that are drawn up according to legal criteria (such as approval numbers, voltages, classifications).

Good to know: If you have multiple seller accounts, we have the authority to deduct the relevant number of points from all your accounts linked to the same Chamber of Commerce number for a policy violation ‘Prohibited offer’.

Learn more about policy points and other categories of policy violations here.

Illegal items

Have you received a report that your offer contains illegal items or content? Here you can read what happens next.

If the sale of illegal items or illegal content is involved, we will notify the customer and you. We also deduct policy points. You can find out more about policy points here. We explain what else happens if you have sold an illegal item here.

1. We inform the customer 

Customers who have bought this item from you in the past 6 months will receive an e-mail about this from bol. This will state which item it concerns, the seller’s trade name (your name as a partner on bol), why the item is found to be illegal and what the possible means of redress are, such as a refund of the purchase price or a replacement item. Do customers want to use this? Then they contact you themselves via e-mail or phone.

2. Offer remedies to the customer 

If a customer contacts you about means of redress, as a partner you are obliged to respond as soon as possible. This is how you meet the service standard response time. Examples of possible means of redress are:

  1. Refund purchase price with return
  2. Refund purchase price without return
  3. Offer a replacement item

You can read more about these means of redress below. Do we see that you do not offer a remedy? Then unfortunately we have to deduct policy points. This could lead to closure of your seller account.

3. Receiving stock from Logistics via bol

Do you use Logistics via bol (Lvb) and do you have stock of illegal items in one of our fulfilment centers? In case of illegal articles, we will ship the stock to you as soon as possible. In case of illegal content, then the product will be returned to stock, if the items are allowed to be sold as normal. We will contact you about this.

Offering redress options

Below are examples of the redress options you can offer customers.

  1. The customer returns the item and the full purchase price is refunded.
    You have to register the return in your seller dashboard for this. The customer cannot do this themselves. Go to receiving a return without return notification.Is it a Plaza or VvB order? Then you must accept your own return in SDD. Go to handling a return notification.Is it an LvB order? Then we will accept the return in the fulfilment center as you would expect from us.After registering and accepting the return, customer refunds go automatically through our systems.
  2. You refund the full purchase price, but the customer keeps the item.
    For this too, you must register the return in SDD, but without item selection. Please note that only Plaza and VvB orders can be registered in this way. For LvB, you need to contact partner service to start the correct process.After registering and accepting this procedure, customer refunds will automatically run through our systems.
  3. Offering a replacement item
    A replacement item can be offered by using the ‘replace item’ procedure in the SDD. For this, see option 2 of handling a return notification. Please note that shipping a new item is at your own expense.

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