Check on performance during the GroeiKracht period

The GroeiKracht period starts after the GroeiStart period, after you get used to the service standards. During the GroeiKracht, the service standards 'Items on time', 'Cancellations' and 'Response time' are being evaluated.

Customers order from with certain expectations. It is important for all of us that we meet these expectations together. Only then will we give customers the best experience on the platform. 

To avoid customer disappointment, we address you as a partner if your performance does not meet customer expectations. We do this using the strike system. 

If it happens once that you score inadequately on the service standardsItems on time, Cancellationsand ‘Response time, you will receive a ‘strike‘. This keeps track of how many weeks you have and have not met the service standards. If you receive too many strikes, this could affect your seller account. 

On the ‘Prestaties‘ page in your seller dashboard, you can see how many strikes you currently have, and monitor your performance on the relevant service standards. 


The strike system

We keep track of how many strikes you received in total during the last 22 final calculated weeks. You can see an example of this below. 

Each week, a new week is added and the oldest measurement expires. Thus, the period over which measurements are taken moves up one week each time. This means that a strike expires after 22 weeks. In the example below, you can see that when week 35 is finally calculated, week 12 expires. So a potential strike that you received in week 12 also expires. 

The calculation above is similar to the calculation of the performance score. Here, we look at the last 6 weeks that are calculated definitively. Below you can see the differences between the strike rate and the performance score.

What happens if you don’t meet service standards for a long time?

  • At 1 to 4 strikes, you will receive an e-mail informing you of the failure to meet service standards – there are no consequences. 
  • In case of 5 strikes, your shop will be temporarily closed and we will ask you to complete an improvement plan. Note: If you do not submit the improvement plan within 3 weeks, your shop will then be closed permanently. Based on this plan, together we will look at how you can improve your performance. Is there a chance of success? Then your shop will reopen and you will be able to sell again via You will automatically receive an e-mail about this. The improvement plan will be prepared for you on your personal ‘Performance’ page in your seller dashboard. 
  • At 6 strikes, you get one last chance to improve your performance. 
  • After 7 strikes, your seller dashboard will be permanently closed. You can no longer log in to your seller account and your product range is no longer visible on the website. After this, you can no longer sell via 

Revert a strike with excellent performance

Normally, strikes remain valid for 22 weeks. However, if you show excellent performances, strikes can expire earlier. This happens if for 2 weeks in a row: 

  • You have sold at least 20 measurable items of which at least 98.5% are delivered on time 
  • You have a maximum of 0.5% cancellations 
  • 90% of customer queries are dealt with within 24 hours 

These good performances need to be rewarded, which is why your most recent strike will expire if you meet the conditions listed above. This reduces the time you are stuck with a previously incurred strike. This reward applies to each most recent strike, so it may be awarded multiple times. 

I disagree with a strike received on the service standard ‘Items on time’. What now?

If you disagree with the score, you can grab the Excel file below the ‘Prestaties’ tab and check the following points: 

Is it an item you are shipping outside of Verzenden via (Shipping via with PostNL, DPD, DHL, Bpost, UPS, GLS, Transmission, FedEx or Dynalogic?

Then check if the first delivery attempt matches the promised delivery date:

  • Does the delivery attempt matches or is the first delivery attempt before the promised delivery date? Then the item is on time. Please contact Partnerservice about this.
  • Is the first delivery attempt after the promised delivery date? Then the item is unfortunately late and the score is correct.

Does it concern an item that you shipped outside of Shipping via with a different carrier than mentioned above or did you not enter a correct track & trace code?

Then we will rely on the customer’s response:

  • If we get a notification from the customer that the item was not delivered on time, then this item will be counted as late delivery.
  • If we receive no response from the customer in response to an item that was sent, this item will be counted as delivered on time.

Is it an item you sent using Verzenden via (Shipping via

Then check whether your return scan took place on the promised delivery date before the deadline of your return point. For your performance, we are looking at the return scan at your carrier and not the delivery scan at the customer.

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