Performance score

Your performance score is us to calculate the buy box. Therefore, we recommend keeping a close eye on it. In your seller dashboard you can keep track of your performance scores and gain insight in opportunities to improve your score.

Your performance score is calculated based on the scores on the service standards below. The better your performance score is, the more likely it is that you will have the buy box. You can find your current performance score in your seller dashboard on the ‘Prestaties‘ (performance) page.

The performance score consists of the following service standards:

  • Items on time
  • Cancellations
  • Track & trace
  • Reviews

The scores of the previous 6 weeks on these service standards are included in the performance score. Please check your seller dashboard to see which weeks it specifically concerns. The score is recalculated weekly on Wednesdays.

This works slightly differently for the score on ‘Reviews’. Here, it looks at your assessment grade at bol at the time the weekly score is calculated – on Wednesdays. So, for ‘Reviews’, unlike the other service standards, it is not about a 6-week score but about your assessment grade at that time.

Partner fulfilled and Logistics via bol

There are 2 different performance scores that are calculated separately:

  • The performance score for the shipments you fulfill yourself
  • The performance score for shipments sent using Logistics via bol

Depending on your offer, 1 of the 2 scores is used to calculate the buying block. In case of Logistics via offer, the Logistics via performance score is used and for items with own shipping, the performance score for your own shipments is used. If you do not use Logistics via’, the Logistics via performance score is not relevant for you and will not be shown in your seller account.

Performance score and the buy box

Not only your performance score affects the buy box. Here, price and delivery promise also play a role. You can adjust your price and delivery promise per item to see what works best. It is important that you can keep the promise you make, otherwise it will have the opposite effect on your performance score and thus your chance of getting into the buy box.

Customers appreciate being able to track their order. By adding a track & trace code, you increase your performance score and thus the likelihood of having the buy box. With letterbox packages, however, it is not mandatory to add a track & trace number to the shipment.

Understanding your performance score

You can view your current performance score on the ‘Prestaties’ page in your seller dashboard. Here, in addition to your current score, you will also find your performance on the service standards that contribute to your performance score. It’s clear in one glance which areas could benefit from improvement.

Performance score at Logistics via bol

If you use Logistics via bol, a separate performance score applies to the offer you ship using Logistics via bol. If this applies to you, you will see this score on the ‘Prestaties’ page in your seller dashboard, below your own score.

The score for ‘Items on time, ‘Cancellations’ and ‘Track & trace’ will be the same for all Logistics via bol orders. This means we look at how all Logistics via bol orders as a whole perform on these three scores. For the score on ‘Reviews’, your rating at bol at the time the weekly score is calculated (on Wednesdays) will be looked at.

The Logistics via bol scores are the same for all partners. Only the rating score is an individual score in Logistics via bol. If you use Logistics via bol, you can therefore distinguish yourself as a partner through your ratings.

Performance score at Verzenden via bol (Shipping via bol)*

Shipping via bol orders are also rated on the 4 service standards ‘Items on time’, ‘Cancellations’, ‘Track & trace’ and ‘Reviews’.

The score on the last 3 service standards are calculated individually per partner, as is done for your own shipments. However, for calculating the ‘Items on time’ score of your Shipping via bol shipments, a temporary solution is currently live. This means that in your performance score, we are using the overall Logistics via bol ‘On time delivery’ score for all your Shipping via bol orders for the time being. However, we are working to measure the actual performance of Shipping via bol and include it in your performance score. This solution is therefore temporary.

The standard for Shipping via bol orders will be further raised to 98% during 2022. This is done because, for this section, it is only calculated whether the items were returned to the delivery service on time, and not whether they reached the customer on time. You will then be informed of this in good time.

* only applicable for shipment from NL to NL

Orders sent with your own carrier or with Pakketzegels via bol (Parcel stamps via bol)** are still assessed based on the delivery time to the customer. The service standard therefore remains at 93% for these orders. Click here for more information.

** only applicable for shipment from NL to BE or within BE

Image ‘Items on time’

The image below shows how the service standard ‘Items on time’ is calculated. This is a combination of Shipping via bol and orders shipped with a private carrier or with the Pakketzegels via bol (Parcel stamps via bol).

View large-screen image here

Good to know:

  • It is important that you process orders on time as ‘Verzonden’ (sent) in the seller account or the Retailer API. This gives the customer direct access to the track & trace details. Shipping via bol letter post shipments are assessed as soon as your orders are processed as shipped. This processing must take place before the latest drop-off date and time. In the orders overview of the seller account, you will see this as ‘bring away before ….’. In the Retailer API, this is the ‘Latesthandoverdatetime’ field in ‘Get delivery options’.
  • Do you use the collection service at Shipping via bol+? Then your performance on these orders does not count for the time being if you use DHL or Ampere-Budbee. If you drop off your shipments yourself at a drop-off point of one of these 2 carriers, your performance does count.
  • If we have not received a delivery scan from the carrier for ‘Other bol labels + own labels’, this order will not count towards your score for ‘Items on time’.

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