Price stars

We score your items with 'price stars', based on the relevant market price of the items. Read more about price stars here.

That’s how you know in an instance if your prices are competitive or if they deserve some more attention. You know you have a good price if you have 4 price stars. Does your price have 5 stars? Then it’s the most competitive compared to the main competitors on the market. The price star applies to a price range and not just to 1 specific price. Different prices in the same price range can therefore have the same amount of price stars.

Good to know: We cannot determine a price star for every item, due to a lack of competitor data or other essential price information.

Offering a collector’s item

We understand that collectibles can be more expensive than standard items. However, if its EAN is identical to the standard item, we cannot distinguish between the two. The price of collectibles, both new and second-hand, is tested in the same way as other items.

Reference prices

To help customers in their purchasing decision on bol, we can show an item’s reference price in addition to the actual retail price. The following explains which reference prices are shown and how they are established.

The usual or most frequently shown price is the price most often shown on bol in the past 90 days. This does not include temporary promotional prices, which you can recognise by a red price label. The reference price is shown at a markdown of at least 5%. For fashion items, it is customary to mark down the price compared to the first price quoted, i.e. the price quoted when the item was introduced. The reference price shown on bol is the price most frequently shown during the first 30 days the item is on sale on bol.

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An optimal retail price

Items with a lower price end up in the shopping basket faster. It's as simple as that. But what is a good price? And how do we ensure that prices of the same type of items are not too far apart? On this page, we explain so that you can achieve optimal sales results with a good price.

The buy box

To make our customers' daily lives easier together, we want to offer the best offer. When several partners offer the same item via, one of the partners is selected for the buying block. And that is the partner who has the best offer at that moment in terms of price, delivery time and service.

Well-priced offer

Customers compare prices to be sure of a good buy. To help customers do this, we automatically highlight items that are at least equal or better priced compared to the main online players in the market. These items are labelled 'Price Tip' or 'Now reduced in price'.