Add multiple items at once

On this page, you will find a step-by-step plan on how to add several items to your range at once. You can add items in bulk automatically using our API. For more information, see the heading 'Frequently asked questions' at the bottom of this page.

1. Add multiple items at once (video in Dutch)

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2. Go to your seller dashboard

Below ‘Artikelen’, choose ‘Artikelen toevoegen in bulk’.

3. Upload your files

Make sure all your information is on the first tab, as only that tab will be read. In addition, we ask you to put the column names in the first row of the Excel field. It is important not to duplicate the column names. For example, column E now says ‘Voorraad’ (stock). This column should then not appear again in another row.

4. Classifying the product group

Would you like to add items that are not yet sold via bol? Then we ask you to link the columns containing your EAN, title and descriptions to those of bol. Once you have added this information to the system, the system will try to suggest a product group.

How does categorising items work?

We try to help you categorise as best we can. It works as follows:

  • Items that are the same – or very similar – are grouped into ‘sets’. This allows you to categorise those sets in 1 go.
  • If possible, we predict the product group. If it is correct, you just need to confirm it.
  • Is the prediction incorrect? Then you can search for a product group yourself.
  • Have you linked an item to a product group? Click ‘ga verder’ (continue). Continue linking the other items to the correct product group. If an item is already known to bol, you no longer have to assign it to a product group.
  • Have you assigned all items to the correct product group? Then save the changes. Almost done!

5. Linking other information

Now it is time to link all the remaining information from the columns to the attribute fields of bol. Also in this step, our system will provide suggestions for linking when titles are similar (such as ‘colour’ and ‘kleur’). If the column name is not similar to the bol attribute, a notification appears saying ‘nog niet gekoppeld’ (not yet linked). Please link the titles manually. If you cannot find a specific title in the bol list, then choose the ‘sla over’ (skip) option at the bottom of the menu.

6. Completing the required product information of several items at once

In the next step, you will see an overview of all the items you have uploaded. Different colours indicate which items still need more product information:

  • All red fields require information. These are the minimum required fields to get the item online.
  • To best help customers in their buying process, it is important that you also fill in the green fields.
  • Do you see a field with a red border? Then there is probably an incorrect value in this field. If you hover the mouse over the field, a message indicates what is incorrect and what information is needed.

As in Excel, you can drag values from one cell into multiple cells, so duplicate information for different items can be filled easily and quickly. Information is saved intermediately so you can simply switch between categories without losing information. Clicking ‘wijzigingen opslaan’ (save changes), gives you instant feedback on how many items will go live. It also indicates here whether any information is missing.

If you don’t want to add items through your seller dashboard but rather use your own system, you can use Automate via bol. There are several third parties that can help automate your offer.

If you want to build and manage the connection yourself, find an explanation here on how to automate your offer. Please note that this requires technical knowledge.

Add multiple items at once vs. Adding multiple items via Excel

There are 2 ways to add your offer in bulk in the seller dashboard. The 1st is ‘Artikelen toevoegen in bulk’ (Adding multiple items at once, as discussed above) and the 2nd ‘Adding multiple items via Excel’ (Meerdere items tegelijk toevoegen via Excel). What is the difference between these 2?

  1. Add multiple items at once: The file you upload adds items to your existing range. If you already have 100 items online and you add 100 items via ‘Artikelen toevoegen in bulk’, as a result you will have 200 items online.
  2. Adding multiple items via Excel: The file you upload overwrites the existing range: if you have 100 items online and you upload 100 items via ‘Aanbod beheren in Excel’, after the upload only the 100 new items from your Excel upload will be online.

When do you use which option?

  • Use Adding multiple items at once to add new items without overwriting your current range.
  • Use Adding multiple items via Excel to adjust your current offer such as adjusting price, delivery promise or stock and/or to remove items by no longer including them in your Excel file.

Add or edit French-language product information via ‘Artikelen toevoegen in bulk’

Did you already know that from now on you can add or modify French product information yourself via ‘Artikelen toevoegen in bulk’? This works in a similar way:

  1. In your seller dashboard, go to ‘Artikelen toevoegen in bulk’ (add multiple items at once).
  2. Upload your Excel file as usual and fill in everything in Dutch, including the title and description. This is necessary to create the item.
  3. Continue all the steps in Dutch. That means linking your Excel information to the correct columns and place the items in the correct Dutch product group.
  4. When you land in the ‘Vul jouw productinformatie aan’ (add your product information) screen, you have the option of clicking on the French flag in the top right-hand corner. This will take you to the page where you can add or edit the French-language product information.
  5. Completely finished? Click ‘Wijzigingen opslaan’ (save changes). Your changes will be visible via bol within 8 hours. Is this not the case? Then this may be because priority has been given to existing or other new product information, from other partners or brands.

It is also possible to add or edit French-language information via ‘Mijn artikelen’ (my items) overview. Wondering how this works? Read the step-by-step guide here.

Good to know

It is possible that you find French product information available, even though you did not add this yourself. We regularly translate the Dutch product information if you have entered it. This happens automatically. You can edit the information that is already filled in.

Also, you may not see all product features reflected here. This is because some product features are already automatically translated from Dutch. Is the information incorrect because of this? Adjust this product feature in Dutch and it will automatically be translated into French.

Frequently asked questions

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