Fair prices

We want to be a fair platform and protect customers from unfair prices. Read everything you need to know about fair pricing on this page.

In terms of price and promotions, we don’t allow the following on our platform:

  1. Charging customers additional shipping costs;
  2. Charging customers return costs;
  3. Carrying a higher price on bol than on your own webshop, corrected for shipping costs;
  4. Making price agreements;
  5. Promotions on medicines;
  6. Unfair promotion by keeping the price artificially high in the first place only to then reduce the price and have a ‘promotion’;
  7. Offer a second-hand item that is more expensive (including shipping costs and excluding service charge) than the new item in the buy box;
  8. Violating the rules on volume discounts;
  9. Sending a discount code for your own webshop to customers;
  10. Running a promotion outside the sale weeks (solden). Please note that this only applies to Belgian partners or partners registered in Belgium.

Additional rules for Belgium

In Belgium, additional rules apply:

  • There are legal conditions for bargain periods (solden/sale);
  • Items can be sold twice a year at heavily discounted prices;
  • Those periods are defined by law;
  • Additional rules apply to the clothing, leather goods and footwear product categories;
  • All information on this can be found on the Belgian government’s website.

Protecting customers from usurious prices

To protect our customers from usurious prices and prevent extreme price increases, we apply stricter price rules to some product groups.

* Starting point for assessment of price increase.

Electric heaters and electric blankets that cost less than €100, the price may be up to 40% higher than the price of the item on 1 July 2022 (if known). For items that went on sale on our platform later than 1 July 2022, we will apply the introductory price.

Electric heaters and electric blankets that cost €100 or more, a maximum price increase of 35% compared to the price of the item on 1 July 2022 (if known) applies. For items that went on sale on our platform later than 1 July 2022, we will apply the introductory price.

To assess prices objectively, we look at historical prices.

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Well-priced offer

Customers compare prices to ensure a good buy. With millions of items on offer on bol.com, it is not always easy for customers to make a purchase decision.

An optimal retail price

Items with a lower price end up in the shopping basket faster. It's as simple as that. But what is a good price? And how do we ensure that prices of the same type of items are not too far apart? On this page, we explain so that you can achieve optimal sales results with a good price.