Selling rights

Naturally, we want customers who buy through to continue to do so - and so it is important to offer them a reliable and safe range together. Therefore, additional sales conditions apply to certain product groups and in some cases, there is a brand policy for selective distribution. Find out whether this also applies to your range on this page.

Electric bicycles

If you want to offer electric bicycles via, you have to comply with the European legislation that applies to electric bikes.

European legislation

Bicycles that are sold, have to comply with EU Regulation 168/2013. (Electric) bicycles are excluded from this legislation. However, not every electric bicycle is actually considered an electric bicycle. Please read more below on how this is determined.

Exclusion criteria

Whether or not a bike is considered to be an electric bicycle or if it’s considered to be a moped is determined by 3 criteria. It’s labelled as an electric bicycle if it meets the following conditions:

  • The maximum speed of the bicycle does not exceed 25 kilometers per hour.
  • The motor power of the bicycle does not exceed 250W.
  • The bike has no throttle/hand throttle.

You can find information in the assortment policy.

How will we assess your application?

To sell electric bicycles at, you must be able to prove that the bicycle you sell complies with EU Regulation 168/2013. If your item is considered a moped, you can provide the correct approval document for that item.