Together, we offer a wide, unique range of millions of items to our customers. In order to distinguish all these items from each other and classify them in the right position within the shop, each item needs a unique ISBN or EAN. On this page you can read all about these numbers.

To offer an item via, you need a valid, registered ISBN or EAN/GTIN:

  • A valid, registered ISBN (International Standard Book Number) – This is a unique code specifically assigned to books and can be found as standard on every book cover.
  • A valid, registered EAN (European Article Number) – Also known as a ‘barcode’. This is a unique 13-digit number assigned to an item. For both branded and unbranded items, an EAN must be registered with GS1. See information about brand and property rights here. Find out how to look up or apply for an EAN below.
  • GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) – GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg speaks of a GTIN, whereas GS1 in the Netherlands speaks of EAN codes. In both cases, it concerns the unique product code for your item.

EAN look-up

You can find the EAN on the item itself, for example under the barcode. Can’t find the 13-digit number there? Then you can request the EAN from the supplier.

EAN requests

Do you want to sell a unique or new item via, but don’t have an EAN/GTIN yet? Then you can purchase this yourself via:

  • GS1 (for Dutch partners)
  • GS1 (for Belgian partners)

When you purchase an EAN/GTIN from GS1, you are automatically the first partner to sell this item via Here read more about offering new items.

Good to know is that other partners can then start selling an identical item via, using the EAN/GTIN purchased by you and the product information known about this EAN/GTIN.

You pay annually for the code package (or packages) you purchase and, in addition, you pay a premium fee (this is turnover-dependent) as long as you purchase one or more packages. For more information, please refer to rates van GS1.


An EAN is linked to a specific item and can also only be used for that item. Please note that new versions or other packages of the same item always have a different EAN. Therefore, it is impossible to reuse an EAN or offer a similar item that is not registered exactly that way under the EAN in question. If you change the item or a product characteristic – such as brand, packaging or colour – you must use a new EAN and add it again to your offer in your seller account. In this, we follow GS1‘s global policy.

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