Selling rights

Naturally, we want customers who buy through to continue to do so - and so it is important to offer them a reliable and safe range together. Therefore, additional sales conditions apply to certain product groups and in some cases, there is a brand policy for selective distribution. Find out whether this also applies to your range on this page.

Veterinary medicines (CBG)

Do you want to offer veterinary medicines on Then make sure your organisation is registered with the CBG for this purpose.

Veterinary medicines

The sales of certain veterinary medicine items are regulated due to legal requirements and regulations. The Veterinary Medicines Regulation describes all criteria that a veterinary medicine must meet. The Animals Act, the Veterinary Medicines Decree 2022 and the Veterinary Medicines Regulation 2022 describe all (Dutch) national criteria that veterinary medicines must meet.

When you provide these medicines, you are always responsible for ensuring that your supply meets these criteria. Therefore we advise you to pay extra attention when you want to offer veterinary medicines. The rules for the Dutch and Belgian market differ.

Sales in Belgium

It is currently not permitted to offer veterinary medicines in Belgium. In addition to the above, sales in Belgium are also subject to the requirements of the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAGG). You are not allowed to sell veterinary medicines online in Belgium, including export from the Netherlands.

Sales in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the category “FREE” veterinary medicine (veterinary medicines freely available without prescription) may be marketed. This concerns veterinary medicines intended for both food-producing and non-food-producing animals. This type of veterinary medicine (“VRIJ”) is included in the CBG database for veterinary medicines.

It is therefore mandatory to always fill in the product characteristic “type of veterinary medicine”. In case of doubt, you can look up your articles in the database for veterinary medicines.

A product may also be considered a veterinary medicine because of a veterinary medicine claim or because of its nature.

Veterinary medicines included on the overview list of veterinary medicines expiring on 28 January 2022 are still subject to a sell-out period.

It is not permitted to offer veterinary medicines in the category “UDA”, “UDD” and “URA.”

Registration Register of Internal Trade in Veterinary Medicines required

The rules for dealers in veterinary medicines have recently changed (28-01-22). Registration in the Veterinary Medicines Internet Trade Register is mandatory for traders offering veterinary medicines for sale via the Internet. This involves veterinary medicines with a marketing authorisation or with an exemption to this. These can be found here:

  • Veterinary medicines listed in the Veterinary Medicines Information Bank
  • Veterinary medicines with an exemption for specific companion animals
  • Veterinary medicines included in the overview list of veterinary medicines expiring on 28 January 2022. These veterinary medicines are still subject to a sell-out period.
    Information on applying for a marketing authorisation for a veterinary medicine can be found here.

Information on applying for a marketing authorisation for a veterinary medicine can be found here.

If you exclusively sell products that do not meet the above requirements, you cannot be included in the Register Internethandel Diergeneesmiddelen.

Registration in the Register of Internet Trade in Veterinary Medicines requires a CoC extract and answering a questionnaire. A registration for your own web address, with the URL linked to your web shop, is sufficient. You do not need to register again separately for sales via However, it is important that the registered company name in the register matches the name with which you sell at If you do not have your own website but sell exclusively via, you can fill in “exclusively via” at web address.

If your registration expires, you should inform about it.

In addition:

  1. It is mandatory to include an up to date package leaflet/manual with free veterinary medicines. You can link to the package leaflet by using this link in the attribute link of the product information: Link.
    In the place of the XXXX, enter the digits corresponding to the registration number. This number is stated on the outer packaging or in the leaflet included in the packaging. This is the so-called REG NL number. If no REG NL number is given, but for example a REG NL H number, then in this case you only state regnl for the number.
  2. Is a European logo shown on every page where customers can add veterinary medicines to their shopping cart?
  3. It is compulsory to fill in ‘type dierengeneesmiddel’ under product characteristics


Do you want to (continue to) offer veterinary medicines of the Seresto brand? From now on, this is only possible if you can prove that your range was obtained through an official distribution channel of the relevant brand. Apply for sales rights from 27 February and before 6 March via the link below.