Assortment policy

Our assortment policy contains all the conditions that apply to the offer of bol. Let's make it a shared effort to ensure that bol stands for reliability and quality. Only then will customers order from us with peace of mind.

Music, Games, Movies & Series

Find all information around assortment policies for the Music, Games, Movies & Series category here.

Dutch/Flemish version 

The EAN of the offered item must correspond to the EAN displayed on the product page at bol. It is not permitted to offer import variants of CDs, LPs, DVDs, Blu-Rays and games (in all formats) under the EAN of the Dutch or Flemish variant. 

Foreign version

If you want to offer imported items, you need to create a new item with a different EAN and the correct content. That is, customers can clearly recognise from the text and images that it is an imported item.
To avoid disappointment, imported items will only be allowed if the movie or game at least has the option for English or French language and that is also printed on the packaging of the film, music carrier and game.

Black Pete

It is important that everyone can visit our store without ever feeling discriminated by our assortment. We do not want to hurt people unnecessarily by stereotyping. We therefore ask you to take this into account in the way you advertise your items.

  • Use the term ‘Piet’ instead of ‘Zwarte Piet’/’Black Pete’
  • Do not post images of people who are covered in dark paint and instead use models that are not painted, partially painted or patterned.
  • Do not offer items that contain a stereotypical caricature emphasizing skin color or ethnicity, such as Black Pete.

Second-hand & Refurbished


Second-hand items or margin goods can only be offered in the book, music and film categories. You cannot apply for selling rights for the other categories. It is therefore not possible to offer second-hand items other than books, music and films at bol. 


The sale of refurbished range at bol has unfortunately been discontinued for the time being. This is because it is our responsibility to clearly show customers whether an item is refurbished, which is currently not technically possible. And we cannot solve this in the short term either. Refurbished items were allowed in a closed group until January 2022. It is not allowed to offer refurbished items.