Adding CE marking to product information

Product safety is hugely important for the safety and trust of our collective customers. That is why it is important to add CE marking to your item and product information, so that customers know that an item complies with the European Union's safety, health and environmental requirements. How to add CE marking to your product information can be read on this page.

1. This is how to add a photo of the CE mark to your product information

Go to ‘Bewerk productinformatie‘ in your seller account and find the block where you can upload the CE marking. Add the CE marking as a document or via a URL. For the existing range, it is not required to upload a picture.

2. Let op de voorwaarden

Make sure the CE mark meets the requirements: 

  • The file extension should be a JPEG or a PDF file
  • The CE mark should be a minimum of 30Kb and a maximum of 50Mb 
  • See here sample photos of correct situations 

PDF files are compressed to a resolution of 72 dpi. 

Furthermore, we advise you to generate a PDF from a text document (e.g. Word) and not from an image and/or scanned document. If you create a PDF from e.g. a scanned document, you will get unclear PDFs on your product page. Even if your original upload looks sharp. 

Where will my image end up on the webshop?

The upload of the CE mark can be found on the product page under ‘Documenten’. Manuals for an item, for example, can also be found here, both in the webshop and app.

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