Choose the right category per product

Read how to choose the right category for your product and how to edit it.

Importance of choosing the right product group

It is important to choose the right product group for your items, to make sure the right product specifications are filled in and displayed online. The right product group also improves findability. Based on the product group, items are categorized in the shop and connected to the right keywords. It also ensures that customers can quickly find similar items. Product specifications form the basis for filters on the website, which customers use to specify their search query. The more product specifications are known for your item, the more accurately customers can search for it.

If you don’t see the right product specifications, then chances are you have not selected the most suitable product group. We advise you to search for similar items in our shop to see which product group they belong to, and then select them for your item. Each product group has a number of relevant (mandatory and optional) product specifications. If you do not choose the right group, it may happen that not all product characteristics relevant to the item are requested. This makes the item less easy to find among the total offer.


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