Brand registration

Do you want to make sure that your branded items are displayed consistently? Align the product name, description, specifications and images with your branding? You can! Register your brand and make use of it.

Protect your product information for brands

Selected brand owners and official distributor can control the product information for their own branded products. The provided product information will be protected and cannot be changed by a third party. This ensures that branded items are displayed with consistent branding across our platform, which is useful for the millions of customers who come across these branded items. Protection for product information applies to the product description, title, specifications and images.


Your benefits at a glance

  • Regular checks on product information are a thing of the past.
  • Your brand is displayed consistently everywhere.
  • Your registration as brand owner allows us to act more quickly in case of problems.


How to know if this is something for you or not

Protecting product information has its advantages. Just keep in mind that product information you have once submitted for your branded products – including product information that is not shown – will automatically be retroactively displayed on the website. This protection of product information applies to all your branded items, also for items that you may no longer sell, but other sellers do. This product information must also be current and correct.


When is protecting product information not a convenient option for you?

  • Supplier: Your brand is part of bol’s Brand Collaboration Service, because when product information is protected, the content can only be changed by you.
  • If the product information you have once provided is not up to date and you do not have the time to update it. In that case it could happen that outdated titles are still shown, since these are last supplied by your account.


Product information protection also covers images:

  • Images uploaded by brand owners are shown primarily, as long as these images have the correct labels (for example ‘front image’).
  • Images uploaded by non-brand owners are shown after the images of the brand owner.

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