Unlink product families

Do you want to unlink the items in a product family? Read the guide below to find out how.

1. Go to 'artikelen' in your seller dashboard

Find an item within the product family you want to unlink. You can search for the EAN-code or the product title.

2. Go to 'Bewerk varianten' (edit variants)

Did you find the item? Click the 3 dots next to the edit-button. You will find the option ‘Bewerk varianten’. See the example in the image below.

3. Unlink per EAN

You will see an overview of all EAN-codes in your product family. You can unlink an item per EAN by choosing ‘Ontkoppel’ (unlink).

4. Finished!

The item is now removed from the product family. Keep in mind that it could take some time to process this. Do you want to relink the item to a product family? Read how to do so here.

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