Improve product information

Read how to improve your product information.

Provide correct and complete product specifications

Product specifications contribute to the findability of items. The content you add should therefore be as complete as possible. After all, when customers search, it is important that they can find the item based on the information you entered. If certain features do not apply to your item, then you don’t have to fill these fields. This will not impact your item’s findability.

What is not allowed?

Product information informs the customer about an item’s characteristics. It should be objective and timeless, so the customer can have a clear idea of the item. It is not allowed to include references to prices, websites, promotions, services or other sales slogans in the title and description of the item. Examples include the naming of (own) websites, statements such as ‘Black Friday Deal’, ‘morgen in huis’, ‘op=op’ and words like ‘Voordelig’, ‘goedkoop’ and ‘gratis’.

Branding of items

An item can be offered as a branded item if it is actually a branded item. In other words: if it’s registered with BOIP specifically for that type of item. It’s mandatory to fill in a brand when entering product information. If your item does not have a registered brand or is unbranded? Then enter ‘unbranded’ in the brand field. If you do add a brand in this field, the brand should also be visible. For example on the original product packaging or on the item itself, and it should also be clearly visible on the product image. Using stickers to make the brand visible is not allowed. If another partner sells his items under your brand name, please report this via the Notice and Take Down (NTD) form.

Make sure to enter a brand name in the form of text – even if the brand is only registered as a logo. Images cannot be processed in this field.

In addition, you may of course have doubts as to whether your item is identical to that of another partner. We then advise you to contact the selling party. This can be done by contacting the other partner via the contact details available on their shop page. Another option is to click ‘Bekijk en vergelijk alle verkopers’ (view and compare all sellers) and click ‘Vraag over dit artikel’ (ask about this item).

Find out more about brand guidelines and property rights.

Quality of product information

When you view an item in your seller dashboard, its status indicated the quality of the product information.

Also, on the ‘Mijn aanbod’ page, you can filter on ‘Productinformatie’ at the top left. This allows you, for example, to filter out all items for which product information is “offline”.


There are 3 possible statuses:

A unique product description ensures better findability in Google, so make sure you use this to address the customer. The first 120 characters of an item are shown directly in Google as description.

Tips and tricks per product group

When completing product information, it is important to know that different product characteristics are requested for each product group. Every item is different, and the customer wants different information. With headphones, for instance, it is relevant if the brand is mentioned in the title, but with a game, the title of the game and the platform are sufficient. Below you will find manuals per shop (clustering relevant product groups together) where you can find some more shop-specific practices regarding product information.

View the list below for tips and tricks per product group (in Dutch).