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To find out whether sponsored products are for you, it is important to think about what you want to achieve with them. What goals do you want to achieve? Then choose which strategy fits your goals and how big your budget is.

Choosing a strategy

To choose the right strategy for you, you need to be clear about your objectives for using sponsored products.

What is your goal?

  • Increase visibility

  • Increase sales

Do you know what your goal is with advertising? Then you can determine which strategy suits you and your range. There are 4 different strategies. Which one will you choose?

1. Use your hot sellers

Promote your best-selling items even more with sponsored products. Preferably, these are visible both on the list pages and product pages. Do you have best-selling items in a certain category? Then create a hot seller campaign. Add the best-performing keywords manually, so that your hot sellers are optimally visible.

2. Use new items

With new items, it can take a long time before you get a lot of impressions, clicks and conversions. Therefore, give them an immediate boost with sponsored products. Then you immediately increase the visibility and organic findability of your items.

3. Use your remaining stock

Do you have a lot left from certain items? Make them stand out with sponsored products. More customers will see your item, and you can get rid of your stock faster. Handy!

4. Use all your items

You can also use sponsored products for all your items. We advise you to split your campaigns for even better results. This may be based on category or performance. This way, your items become visible where the customer is looking.

The costs

With sponsored products, you only pay if a visitor actually clicks on the item from your campaign. So showing your listings is free. When you set up a campaign, you set the maximum you want to spend, and the maximum you want to pay per click from a potential buyer. That way, you are in control.

Setting the budget

Have you set a daily budget? Then the campaign will stop advertising that day once the budget is exhausted. You can also set a monthly or total budget. With the latter option, the campaign stops definitively when the budget is used up.

Determine your budget

The amount of the budget for your campaigns depends on the strategy you have in mind and how much money you want to invest.

Invoice structure

The costs of sponsored products are billed automatically and included in the all-in-one invoice you receive from us each month. The specification of the invoice contains all transactions and the corresponding dates. These dates concern our processing dates of the transactions and thus not the dates on which the costs were actually incurred. There is a gap of 4 days. If, for example, the date 30 JAN appears in the specification on the invoice, the costs are actually incurred on 26 JAN.


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